Harper + Harley Design



Melissa + Renee met in beautiful Colorado in 2013 while working together as magazine designers. A beautiful friendship was forged in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We enjoyed hiking and exploring and even shared a passion for volunteering our time at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. Renee was a shift leader for the dog volunteers, and Melissa split her time snuggling the dogs and cats. Harley, now 6, found his way into Renee’s heart while she was volunteering and asks herself "who rescued who" daily. In 2015, Renee and her husband, Mike, decided it was time to move home to Vermont to be closer to family, while Melissa stayed on in Colorado.

Countless trips and two cross-country moves later, we find ourselves working and playing together once more in Vermont. Harper is the most recent addition to the family — only 1 year old and growing fast. Melissa feels her arrival was kismet, and the two continue to cement their bond daily with time at the office and walks in the woods. Harper was everything Melissa didn’t know she needed — bringing smiles and challenges, but also a constant wave of unconditional love.

While working full time, we still felt a drive in our hearts to do more. We had always flirted with the idea of going into business together “one day.” One night over a glass of wine, commiserating about puppy-rearing and friendship, we decided “one day” was now. And just like that, Harper + Harley was born. Like-minded in many ways, but especially in organization, creativity, and altruism, we felt strongly that the side-hustle life would allow us to do what we love (create beautiful things!) and provide a chance to share that energy with others. There is no greater attainable goal than putting a smile on someone’s face, and it’s what we strive to do — making the world a better place one day, one collaboration, one dog walk at a time.


Melissa Newman

Favorite activity with Harper: Our daily walks in the woods. We both love smelling all the smells and enjoying some quiet time together.

Favorite memory with Renee: Her private bachelorette party in Crested Butte. We had such a fun girls’ weekend hiking and exploring one of the prettiest places in Colorado. Also, see Renee's answer below.


Favorite activity: Swimming! This girl is a water dog through and through and will chase rocks, balls, sticks, you name it, on the water.

Renee Noel-Cutler

Favorite activity with Harley: Cuddling on the couch when I’m working from home. He snuggles right next to me as tight as he can and falls asleep - cutest thing ever! It melts my heart every single time.

Favorite memory with Melissa: James Bay concert in Denver, CO. It was our last night together in Colorado (until future visits!) and we had a blast singing and dancing the night away!


Favorite activity: Chasing squirrels or playing fetch!